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Undeniable Beauty

A clothing line which delivers interesting sexy apparels parallel with some of the most famous sexy brands known all over the world. The curves of your body bringing sensual effects with its outermost lusciousness, Luxxa gives an irresistible design that molds your body to become even more erotic and sexy.  Say goodbye to those cold nights of loneliness as surely your partner show more interest in going home and making sensual moment with you. Luxxa removes all the harsh feeling of restriction, uncomfortable pleasure and unwanted emotions of becoming sexy. A very sexy lingerie which lets you open your eyes in a new beginning through new sexy fantasies of your choice. Make yourself evolve in a woman with confident to face your wanted sexy time with beautiful charm and elegance. The glance in moving your body with sharp points of intimidation, pointing out your seductive figure with piercing moves, move free with expressive thoughts of love from your chest, waist, legs and more. The motions making commotions in attracting others with your undeniable beauty, Luxxa surely have this sexy apparel you want from bras, panties, thongs, g-strings, and more.

Shorty set

Sensual Feeling

Women in sexy underwear

Woman of all ages has her own lingerie theme, as this tiny piece of clothing becomes a day-to-day wear for almost everyone. This offers an exciting feeling of confidence in the femininity of a woman, as a woman differs  from this apparel,  most do wear there common style panties, some prepare glamorous lingerie and others like see through one, and few want to play more intimate and special. Luxxa Lingerie is giving you a collection all the way from France one of the most stunning sensual lingerie collection that delivers your bras, panties, teddy, thong and more in more intimate way, a variety of style, color and prints with exquisite design. 

Sexy Lingerie promised you:

  • Stylish creation made by some of the top design of sensual lingerie from France.
  • Bathing your body with unparalleled comfort, adjusting to your best feeling of sensual desire.
  • Lining its design with some of the most known brands in the world.
  • It creates your erotic fantasies and dreams with beautiful stories.
  • Luxurious design yet giving affordable price.

Lingerie is one of the biggest clothes ever made as women with this underwear intend to create secret there, fantasies and erotic feeling area being seamed on the bedroom lingerie wear. As Luxxa Lingerie tries to deliver this kind of collection which starts your sensual stories and make those see through panties, flirty pajamas, sexy nightwear become your guide in achieving your most intense feeling of sensuality.

Quality design from Sexy Lingerie:

Maybe the most considered line for woman in buying lingerie is comfort, as woman tends to give more priority of the feeling while wearing their intimate apparel. A great comfort to their body while doing there task or while on job is a big yes for every woman. Luxxa lingerie delivers this kind of feeling while making you special, sexy bras and panties or thong that hugs your curves with amazing easy feeling, the comfort while making those work and better working on your partner while in bed. Sexy woman lingerie is in this collection, Luxxa surely meets your expectation while achieving your desire with perfection. Sheer intimately curves with quality that materials being use and strong seam lines use by seamstress, the brilliant sensual lingerie design by fashion designer, the time and hard work they put on every piece of these collection guarantees your satisfaction. All this sexy effort put in one pack of collection that totally craze your minds desire, see through, sheer clothing, embroidered patterns and more all in Luxxa collection. : Daring experience direct from France

An electrifying experience that dares woman to have a real touch of satisfaction a solution to a cold nights making you unnoticed and lonely. Gathering up the sexiest design here at it offer an excellent selection of lingerie that gives an imperative expression of oneself towards our self and our partner. A way of uplifting self confidence towards an adventurous night of love making creating and building a rock steady relationship, gathering up the best material such as lace, silk, ribbons and embroidered patterns perfect to show and accentuate that sexy body flaunting up that shapes and curves. A combination of sexiness and glamour this collection assure woman to create the image of a goddess giving an edge to invent a different world of unique fashion and style. Here at experience that much awaited desire of your dream.

Porte. Jarretelle Lingerie Luxxa Gemeaux Lingerie Luxxa Tendance Etincelles rouge sans colle Ensemble String Lingerie Luxxa Bastia 3-piece set - S-G PUSH-UP +String+P Jaretelle

Express Your Sexiness

Express your sexiness in a 5 in 1 style composed of luxurious style, charm, beauty, body and composure, having these sexy elements will give you intimidating character. A brand which gives a wide variety of erotism that makes every woman more seductive. A known brand on France and even around the globe that can fulfill every woman’s dreams of becoming more sexy and attractive.  

Luxxa is the brand for every woman that loves every inch and every curve. Accentuating your figure with its best shape and looks. Luxxa gives choices you will definitely love from bras, panties, thong G-string, babydoll, and more. Luxxa helps you to invite the sexy mood and sensual confidence you want on every night of love. A peace and joyful feeling to your body crafted by extra ordinary designer with the best materials ensuring your body is cradled with comfort with seductive form. A brand that takes care of your body with interest, a diamond-like figure every woman wants to have. The sexy looks and beauty pump great seduction that surely makes your erotic fantasies and dream more achievable. Luxxa want your body to shine bright with amazing style in this modern time, a body which is irresistible, a body pack with sexy character and a body with astonishing confidence. Let mind be amaze and gaze on your own looks upon wearing Luxxa with unique form, the morphing of a body with lots of pleasure teasing your mind to feel the sexy confidence within you. Have the urges to aim something different to your body by choosing this sexy collection made by designer with innovative minds and style rendering unique looks that no one has. Become a new person in you vanished and change it in a more expressive with sexy personality, your needs and wants in achieving more boastful character of seduction. 
3 piece suit

Our Luxxa online store gives you a full overview of the very latest in Luxxa lingerie fashions and accessories

Luxxa is a French brand that draws its inspiration from the long history of stunningly sexy French intimate wear and lingerie. All Luxxa intimates are 100 percent made in France with only the finest French and Italian sourced materials. This gives the Luxxa brand the finest quality of lingerie in the world, with five lingerie patents in its brand line. No other lingerie line can boast all of this, which is how you know you are getting the best when you shop the Luxxa brand.

About Luxxa Materials and Craftsmanship
All Luxxa materials come from French and Italian embroiderers. You will find only the lushest, poshest embroidered tulles and suedes, patterned tulles, crushed lycra, lace by Leavers and crystals by Swarovski. Luxe's arachnid fishnets and Milanese embroideries have no equal anywhere else in the world.

As well, Luxxa uses only traditional French machines to assemble and embroider each unique design to be found in the Luxxa boutique. Each craftsperson in the Luxxa workshop is trained in traditional corset design and assembly, meaning each piece of lingerie is hand-assembled for flawless quality and fit.

About Luxxa's Newest Collections
This season Luxxa is proud to introduce two new unique sexy lingerie lines - Plumes: Radical Feathers of Attraction and Piment Vert.

Plumes: Radical Feathers of Attraction
Mimicing the precise fall and fit of jewelry's lines, Plumes: Radical Feathers of Attraction employs subtle feather accents to draw attention to your hourglass shape. With a deep plunging basket bra neckline, adjustable straps, and the softest, most decadent satin and guipure lace, you won't even realize you are wearing any lingerie when you lead your partner towards the bedroom in these ensemble creations!

Piment Vert
Piment Vert features soft ivory satin and spicy green chili in a number of unique designs. From g-strings and ribbon sandals to bustiers and bras, you can mix and match to select the set that best accentuates your curves and personal style.

Lingerie Luxxa SG Brides Lingerie Luxxa Poisson 1/2 sein Lingerie Luxxa Purple Style Modulable Lingerie Luxxa Taureau

Selecting Your New Luxxa Wardrobe
In order to feel at your most confident and sexy self, it is essential to select lingerie that truly expresses how you feel inside - and how you want your partner to feel when they look at you! For some women, this will mean you select a vintage bustier or corset with garter or suspender belt and thigh-high tights. For other women, this will mean you opt for a beautiful nightie or shorty set paired with sheer stockings. For gals who want to walk on the wilder side, the open g-string and open mini g-string with a set of nippie tassels is sure to give you both a thrill!

What is most important is that you allow your creative inner expression to shine through. Luxxa lingerie is designed to bring out your inner feminine beauty, confidence, and unique style. If a piece or a set catches your eye, it must be for you! As well, you can accessorize to your pleasure with necklaces and bangles, ankle bracelets and garter belts, rings and shapers - even masks! From vintage-inspired intimates to racy looks that hint at fetishism, you can plan for a special surprise for your sweetie or make every night special with your new Luxxa lingerie and accessories.

Ensemble Luxxa - Ensemble Culotte - Balance Lingerie Luxxa Purple Style Lingerie Luxxa Body Berlier 1/2 seins Ouvert   Lingerie Luxxa Lion

Perks That Come with Every Luxxa Order
When you browse and order from the Luxxa online store, we say "thank you" in the way only Luxxa can - with a free shipping (code "freeship") and a free £10 bonus card with every £100 order.

Placing Your Luxxa Lingerie Order
Our Luxxa online store gives you a full overview of the very latest in Luxxa lingerie fashions and accessories. As well, you can read blogs to give you even more ideas for how to assemble and accessorize your new Luxxa lingerie sets. We are always happy to help you choose and place your order and to answer any questions you may have. Just call us or send us email at any time for prompt and pleasant assistance!

Variety of Collection

Can’t explain the emotions felt by achieving the look you dream of? Imagine your curves enveloped with never ending sexiness. The emotions of excitement and fun in wearing a sexy collection bringing luxurious style and beauty in a more entertaining way.

Luxxa’s line of sexy apparel will outlast and out class others with its trendy looks. This sexy collection is known for its wide variety. Items are made from superb materials like lace, satin, cotton, vinyl, fishnets, stones, pearls, diamonds, beads and sequins, embroidered pattern, and guipure design. Luxxa will accomplish your sexy fantasies enticing your mind to give pleasurable erotism to you and your partner emphasizing your amazing sexy form.


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