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Luxxa's Sexy Lingerie Store: The Very Best in Bridal and Honneymoon Lingerie



LUXXA Lingerie made in France , the Designer Lingerie Made in France

With tons of experience and her first success as a designer,  LUXXA naturally positions itself at the top end of the market.

Focusing on quality and technology, her purpose is to create a new style: LUXXA Lingerie, a new spirit

LUXXA LINGERIE, a new brand is born!

LUXXA spirit celebrates feminity and refinement.

To achieve this, LUXXA's designer chooses herself the embroideries and the fixtures. She gets her procurement from the best French and Italian embroiderers.

Her creations play on the lavishness of the fabrics and set the scene for embroidered tulles, Milanese embroideries, embroidered suede, arachnid fishnets, patterned tulles, crushed lycra, lace by Leavers and crystals by Didier Swarovski.

Each item branded "LUXXA" is 100% Made in France. The workshop is equipped with traditional machines which combined with the craftsmanship of our professional corset makers, ensure an undeniable quality to every LUXXA lingerie creations.

Nowadays acknowledged by her peers, Luxxa has managed to bring a bowl of fresh air in the lingerie world....
Ens. String Lingerie Luxxa Purple Style

Visti our website for any information about LUXXA (made in France)

Play the mind with intimate temptation letting the body shout for special treatment of love that gives oneself a wonderful gift in succeeding a battle to gain gorgeous and beautiful body revealing necessary curves and shape with openness, heart full of contentment. Lending a thrill of excitement in a night with your partner providing ultimate desire that can be achieved in Luxxa.com gives a passionate apparel craft with French brand Luxxa handling the most extraordinary collection form sexy shory, pareo, mini-string or even fashionable accesories that comes in beautiful, hot design capable of uplifting every curve with seduction. Firing the heart with full trust and image to oneself, here at Luxxa.com Visti our website for any information or question you wish to ask.

New collection "Plumes" : Radical Feathers of Attraction By Luxxa's

Matching the games of jewelry lines as Luxxa gives once more an exceptional lingerie which cradle your body in a feather like romance, a quality collection providing same quality product finish with stunning unique style of gorgeousness.

The feather line collection offering deep neckline basket bra which gives rounded chest that perfectly form and shape with incredible figure, impressive double adjustable closure at the back incorporating adjustable shoulder straps made with guipure lace idea, satin bows with removable pendant satin along the cleavage area.

Lingerie LUXXA,  100% Made In France

Luxxa Plumes
Luxxa Plumes
Luxxa Lingerie
Sexy lingerie

Luxxa famous for their amazing french quality lingerie

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All the Luxxa's products are in stock (For Europe) and available for Holidays ' quick delivery
Luxxa sexy body lingerie Luxxa lingerie sexy Body sexy luxxa Luxxa sexy lingerie

Luxxa ; lingerie sexy made in France ; your sexy lingerie for him

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Luxxa : New Line Piment vert

luxxa lingerie lingerie sexy luxxa luxxa lingerie lingerie luxxa
The festive season is upon us and Luxxa will definitely spice things up for you with its latest range 'Piment Vert'. Once again you will discover the best sartorial elements: ivory tulle embroidered with spicy green chilly motifs, festoon embroidered and overstitched with the most exquisite ribbons. You can choose among the Piment Vert range all the lingerie pieces you are after: body, bustier, bras, g-strings.

The designs are exciting and daring, flattering all the right curves. You will not leave anyone indifferent in your wake. The ultra sexy is once again combined with a real touch of tasteful aesthetics.

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